Peebles Creative Group is excited to announce our newest Rock Star Team Member, Libby Montgomery. Libby has been hired as a project manager and will serve as a main client contact for a variety of our amazing clients. We already know Libby is going to handle accounts with great care, contagious enthusiasm and expert marketing smarts. Get to know Libby by reading on…we’ve highlighted her work history and some of her favorite things. Please join us in welcoming Libby Montgomery to Peebles Creative Group.


PCG Team Member pictures-Libby


Libby’s path to PCG…

In college at Ohio State, I had the privilege of being a student ambassador – speaking on behalf of the University to prospective students and their parents. While marketing and  communication wasn’t what I was initially there to study, I grew to love the art of communication and marketing strategy through that role. As a Marketing and Event Coordinator for the Refectory Restaurant & Bistro, I had the opportunity to grow my passion and their brand. I later started with the City of Dublin where, for five years, I managed projects for their Marketing, Media & Sponsorship initiatives for the Dublin Irish Festival. At the City of Dublin, I was incredibly fortunate to have a wonderful mentor who empowered me and showed me how to foster relationships with local businesses and residents. She helped me to realize that relationships are imperative to success in business – I have been in the fortunate position to learn from the best and work with a variety of clients on brand activation.


Libby’s Favs…


Word: Fiddlesticks.


Food: Donuts. Specifically, cake Donuts from Honey Dip Donuts.


Commercial: This is a tough one. I am always a fan of a commercial that can make me laugh. But, the ones that really stick for me are ones that don’t advertise a product as much as elicit an emotional response on behalf of a brand. I tend to geek out on commercials and ads, so my favorites are constantly changing, but as of late it is probably tied between this one from Google and this one from AirWick.


Movie: I really wish it was something cooler… But likely Pride & Prejudice – the Keira Knightly version. I also really enjoy law-related dramas like Erin Brockovich, and The Lincoln Lawyer. If its a super sad, or animal-dies-at-the-end movieish – I’m out.


Exercise: I prefer the be-fit-without-trying-and-eat-donuts approach… but it doesn’t seem to get the results I desire… so probably Jillian Michael’s workouts. I can “do them” in my living room, they’re only thirty minutes, and she kicks my butt….every time.


App: In all honesty, it would have to be the PBS Kids app. It provides instant distraction for my kids in a pinch and has saved me countless meltdowns. But if I had to pick an adult app, it would probably be the RetailMeNot app – all of the current coupons, online and in-store versions, right at your fingertips. I. Love. Deals.


Dessert: Do donuts count? Just kidding… Mostly. I would have to say Crème Brulee from The Refectory. I have never tasted a version that tops Chef Richard’s recipe.


Holiday: The 4th of July. It’s a low expectation holiday that always exceeds mine. It’s relaxing and involves lots of friends and family and brings people together from all around for one common celebration. Thanksgiving would be a close second, though…


Most looking forward to at PCG:


Working with great people who are passionate about their work – sounds simple enough, but that can be difficult to find. PCG’s reputation for being great proceeds them. Whenever I mentioned to anyone that I was inquiring about this position, I was amazed by how many people said, “Peebles! I know them – they’re a great group!” I could tell from their website, to their clients, to first introductions that these are talented people who want to do good work and help people grow their businesses. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!? I feel incredibly blessed to be a new member of this special team.