Because this app is both wildly popular yet still wildly unfamiliar to so many, we have broken this post into a two-part series; Snapchat 101: What is this wacky app? and Snapchat 102: How can my brand use this wacky app? If you haven’t already read last Thursday’s part one of the series, check it out here.


Why Snapchat?
According to Snapchat, it boasts 100 million daily active users.

To provide some perspective, the monthly active users on Instagram total 400 million and Twitter comes in at 320 million, monthly. There is a lot of buying power behind these users considering a whopping 70% of Snapchatters are women, and 60% of US 13 to 34-year old smartphone users are Snapchatting.


While almost everyone has heard of Snapchat, many marketing professionals fall outside of their core 13 to 25-year-old user range, making it one of the most intimidating social media platforms for brands. Snapchat can be a powerful force in the marketing world, but it is very different from most other social media platforms and it requires a lot of creativity. We are here to help!



Snapchat 102: How can my brand use this wacky app?

During the Super Bowl, Gatorade created a custom Snapchat filter that allowed users to have under-eye paint applied over their selfie while a virtual cooler of, you guessed it, Gatorade was poured over top of them. You can check out Serena Williams utilizing this feature in this clip she posted to Instagram. Gatorade wound up driving 160 million impressions with this filter – that is 48 million more than the 112 million who tuned in to watch the actual game! Gatorade also reported spending anywhere between $500,000 and $750,000 for this filter.


Don’t have that kind of cash? Here are some easy, creative, budget-friendly ways for your brand to tap into this platform.


1. Create a Snapchat Account

dougieWhile this may seem like a no-brainer, you don’t have to have a Snapchat account to utilize the tool for your brand. For example, while Gatorade may have created a wildly successful (and pricey) filter, they still have yet to join Snapchat. However, having an account is a free way to engage this audience.


Use your current social media following on Instagram and Facebook to let them know you have joined the Snapchat world! But remember, getting people to follow you isn’t quite that easy – to get followers, they need to know your specific Snapchat name, and to keep them there, you have to have Snap-worthy content. Which brings us to our next point…


2. Find Snap-worthy Content

Snapchat is not the place for strategically photographed, retouched and fussed-over content – it’s a place to play up your brand’s personality! This platform is all about real-time happenings, so provide a glimpse of your behind-the-scenes action. Have multiple people in your business take over the company’s Snapchat for a day. Or, take a page from one of these brand’s Snapchat success stories:


Taco Bell

Taco Bell informed all of their Twitter followers that anyone who added them to their Snapchat account would receive a personal Snap from the taco chain revealing a secret announcement. The following day, Taco Bell directly sent each follower a photo of a new burrito product with the official, never before released, launch date.


Wet Seal

Don’t know what makes teenagers tick? Get in line! Or do what Wet Seal did and don’t try – give control to an expert. Wet Seal let a 16-year-old blogger take over its Snapchat account to for two days, resulting in 9,000 new followers and 6,000 views of their Story feed.



Similar to Taco Bell, Acura took a more exclusive approach to the secret announcement technique. They offered the first 100 followers on Snapchat a chance to see the new NSX prototype, sending each individual a short video of the product.


SnapChatFilter23. Design a Geofilter

The cost of Gatorade’s nationwide primetime filter may be out of reach for most brands, but brands can get into the filter business by creating one for as little as $5. Costs range based on the size of the tagged area (20 thousand to 5 million square feet) and the length of time the filter is available.


It works like this – when a Snapchatter enters your predetermined geotagged area, the filter you created appears as a filter option in their app. A Geofilter with a fun illustration, or representation of your brand is a great way to get users to organically share your company or product.


Brands in the tourism industry can create a filter that appears when a Snapchatter enters their district, town or city. Retail brands can design a fun filter that appears when a Snapchatter walks into, or near their store. Having your brand overlaid on countless selfies is a great way to use Snapchat.


Here is an example of a Peebles Creative Group Geofilter featuring some of our PCG rock stars!


4. Get Creative

Even Snapchat is trying to figure out Snapchat. Features appear one day and are gone the next as Snapchat continues to evolve. By finding new ways to take advantage of the latest Snapchat craze, you can make your brand shine with this highly sought-after audience.


Netflix did a great job utilizing the incredibly popular face swap Snapchat filter. They took advantage of this latest craze and placed posters in various French cities inviting pedestrians to take a selfie with the poster and face swap with a popular series character. I mean, who isn’t curious to see what it’s like to swap faces with “House of Card’s,” Frank Underwood? For nothing more than a nominal printing cost and a lot of creativity, Netflix capitalized on the latest Snapchat trend without breaking the bank.


Still not sure how or if your brand fits into this platform? Let us help! From designing Geofilters to helping you create a custom social media plan, Peebles Creative Group is here to get you into this wacky app, in a Snap!