It’s that time of year, your marketing budget is due soon for 2017 and you want to be sure you’re allocating the right amount to the right tactics. We’ve put together this quick guide from a variety of sources for both B-to-C and B-to-B marketers to help.


We’d love to dig into your goals and target audiences more and can help craft a specific marketing plan for 2017 or provide project estimates to help put numbers around your vision. Let’s connect.


Here are some additional tips for planning your 2017 marketing plan:


Show us the money!


Traffic used to flow organically to your Social Media. You had fans, they liked you, they were served up your latest and greatest news. No more. With new algorithms and the change in chronological timeline updates, you are now expected to pay for that same attention you were getting for free just a short while ago. As you look at your marketing plan for 2017, you may really want to reconsider how you think of your Social Media as it is becoming another paid media.


It’s a-LIVE!


Video, that is. Raw, unedited, live-streaming video. Mobile phone technology has taken us to new heights in video over the past few years. We started with YouTube over a decade ago and now our phones have the technology to give us real-time experiences and sites like Twitter’s Periscope and now Facebook provide a platform to make sharing your videos easy. A great way to share experiences and stories that really engage and educate. Live-streaming videos will continue to gain momentum in 2017.


Make it Snappy and GO-GO-GO!


Just a year or two ago you likely would have never thought about leaving room in your budget for lures and filters….enter Snapchat and Pokémon Go. In 2017, you’ll need to be ready to adapt and react. These two apps are here for now and likely will be for a while. There will be more coming in the next year and you should be ready.

Also, for years, we’ve been thinking of mobile as smartphones and tablets, the mobile arena has been expanding with the introduction of wearable devices. Make sure you are prepared to fit your mobile content to this ever expanding market. 2017 & 2018 will be sure to see much more of this technology.


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