As marketers, we love to plan. As fun-loving people, we love to celebrate…everything. And we all certainly love a good cause. Now, what happens when you combine all of our favorite things? This handy-dandy “unofficial” holiday calendar is what!


We’ve pulled together a list of holidays and fun things to celebrate along with some great causes for awareness and put them all in one place to help you with your social media planning each month. Stop by our blog on the 15th of every month to download the next month’s calendar of celebrations and causes. As you begin, here are a few things to keep in mind:


– Nearly every day calls for a celebration, but that doesn’t mean you need to celebrate. Focus on the holidays that will resonate with your audience and fit with your brand and mission.


– Most of the national days are just for fun but some of them have a bigger calling, they bring awareness to a cause that is near and dear to many. A great opportunity for you to be a part of something powerful and meaningful.


– Find your own way to celebrate. Is it a cute graphic for all to share? Is it a fun fact? Does it call for a team outing that you document across your social media channels? Do you cross-promote with another organization you want to support?


– Research before posting your celebration. Actual holidays may coincide with your “unofficial” holiday. Or something may be happening in the world currently that may make your fun celebration not appropriate at the time.


– Calendars fluctuate and there may be discrepancies on the exact dates for celebrations. I’m pretty sure we may have celebrated national ice cream day or national puppy day more than two (or five) times this year. But I’m not complaining. 



Download Calendar PDF

Download List PDF



We hope this calendar will help you in planning for November or at the very least provided a chuckle or two. Stop by our blog on November 15th to download your December calendar. And if you need ideas on how to promote these special days or a fun graphic to share with your audience, give us a call!