Facebook Live has taken the marketing and entertainment worlds by storm over the last few months. Perhaps you remember in the spring when a BuzzFeed video of an exploding watermelon garnered over 10 million views. If not, you surely remember the Chewbacca Mom video that dominated headlines for weeks. Both of these videos, in addition to so many others, were born on the Facebook Live platform.


Facebook Live is an ongoing effort for the company to compete in the digital video space but also to give users a platform to create content. Facebook has taken steps to promote Live video as an integral part of its services. It has a dedicated page where users can see a Live Video Map of videos happening around the world which allows people to discover content both close and far. There is also a running tab on the left hand side of the page that showcases popular video content around the world, adding another way to discover videos.


The interactive component and ability to discover live content are some of the best features of Facebook Live. Another one of our favorite features is that after you go live, the video lives on your page like any other video. Essentially, you have the opportunity to draw viewership while you’re live and then indefinitely after. This creates great opportunity to drive initial viewership and then continue to promote that content afterwards to drive further engagement. You get the buzz of live video plus the longer life span of other digital content.


Spending any amount of time exploring Facebook Live’s interactive functionality, quickly brings about the question, “Should I be leveraging this for my business’ marketing efforts?” Facebook has done a nice job of adding functionality that is practical, fun and engaging. Users can submit questions ahead of time, interact with other users and the publisher during the live broadcast, and even subscribe to accounts in order to get notifications when they go live. These attributes make Facebook Live a viable platform to distribute many brands’ creative content.


Part of the inherent value of Facebook Live lies in its authenticity and spontaneity. But, brands should be mindful to cover their bases, avoiding easy mistakes that could undercut a creative effort. Here are a few tips to follow:


  1. Leverage Facebook’s platform ahead of time to promote your Live video. The point of going live is to have people, specifically the right people, watching your content.
  2. Write a compelling description for your video. Capturing viewers’ attention at this point will lead to more engagement and viewership.
  3. Before going Live, select your desired audience. Facebook gives you a variety of options, including public, friends only, geographic location, custom lists, and more.
  4. Go Live in a stable environment with reliable wifi and free of interruptions. You don’t want to have your video cut out, or to be interrupted with unexpected obscenities.


Let’s end with a few of our team’s favorite recent Facebook Live videos:

New Mexico hot air balloon festival

Q&A with creator of Pokemon Go

Behind the scenes tour of Dunkin’ Donuts test kitchen


For companies serious about using Facebook Live to its highest potential, we recommend working with an agency to ensure the strategic and production components are on point. As a full-service creative agency, we’d be happy to chat anytime about the creative options that Facebook Live presents for your brand.