The Big Game didn’t disappoint. And neither did the commercials. We talked with a few members of the team this morning about their favorite spots.



Ford Go Further


Why I loved it:

Funny, relatable, simple, graphic, and of course, inspirational. Great job, Ford!



Live Snickers Ad


Why I loved it:

I knew that Snickers was teasing a live commercial, and that could have been intriguing enough on its own, but the direction they ended up taking it was a surprise. Having everything go so (intentionally) wrong because they “shot a live commercial while hungry” was not only hilarious, but still true to Snickers’ “you’re not you when you’re hungry” slogan. The logistics of this ad were crazy, as well.



Honda – Yearbooks


Why I loved it:

It’s a creative take on using celebrities in advertising and it sends a powerful message about chasing dreams, which is part of Honda’s corporate fabric. It also flips the narrative on typically bland car commercials. Really well done.



Tide with Terry Bradshaw


Why I loved it:

It wasn’t the Mr. Clean ad.





Why I loved it:

While so many of the ads from the Super Bowl took some sort of stand, I thought the BUSCHHHHH spot was a cool, crisp and refreshing break from all things political. Simple, creative, funny and I actually knew who the advertiser was at the end of the commercial. #GAGAKILLEDIT



There was no shortage of good – and bad – spots for the game. And, there was certainly an emphasis on both humorous and politically charged messaging. What did you think about the latest batch of Super Bowl commercials?