At Peebles Creative Group, we love to travel. We have a team full of people who love to explore new places, new cities, their hidden gems, and local cuisines.


Destinations have a unique opportunity to use maps, both print and interactive, to create a sense of place for potential visitors. Designed maps can help to guide visitors to unique attractions, well-placed accommodations, and local shops and restaurants, and all with a personality that can’t be achieved by opening a Google map.


Is your town or area known for something? Scenic views, historic charm, or a plethora of locally owned breweries or coffee shops? Curating an experience for visitors, and guiding them through your destination can enhance the visitor experience.



In a digital era, there are many print pieces that have gone by the wayside, but designed print destination maps are something that are still incredibly effective. It allows visitors to better understand the lay of the land without all of the distractions of every gas station, parking lot, and auxiliary building that appear in a standard digital map.


A print map presents an opportunity to showcase the highlights of a destination without any of the distractions.


You can create a simple Directory & Map, like this one that we created for Destination Grandview,
to highlight the local shops, restaurants and amenities that make your destination unique.

















If you are working with a smaller geographic area and want to highlight the dense offerings within walking distance,
you might consider creating a branded logo-centric map, like this one that we created for the Arena District.

















Even smaller yet, creating a designed map for large venues like a museum, market or mall enhance the wayfinding and visitor experience.



















While print maps serve as an effective way to curate experiences for visitors, we aren’t suggesting you ignore the increase in demand for mobile wayfinding! Whether trying to decide where to go for dinner to navigating the streets of a new place, interactive maps also play a large role in the overall visitor experience.


Similar to print maps, a designed interactive map provides destinations a way to guide and curate visitors through the best the area has to offer. However, having the ability to sort by dining, shopping, attractions and accommodations, puts a powerful tool in the hands of visitors and provides them a way to curate their own custom experience.


Here are a few interactive maps that we love.


Frankenmuth, MI


The Met


Visit Maine


Visit Maryland


Does your destination need a print or interactive map?

Or even just a map refresh? Let us help you with the project!