We’re all familiar with the practice of comparing photographs of Presidents as they leave office with photographs of when they entered office. The change is almost always dramatic. And since we’re all familiar with this practice, there’s no need for me to share any photos illustrating my own physical transformation from the time Peebles Creative Group was founded until now. But, I’ll do so anyway.














Stop laughing.


Change is absolutely unavoidable and undeniable. Fortunately, when much of what you do is helping others embrace and implement it, change is also exciting and rewarding. Because we have embraced change, Peebles Creative Group has never been better at what it does than we are today. Exciting new technology and tools are available to us and valuable lessons have been learned along the way.


For example, our branding process was originally developed to deliver the most-effective and cost-efficient marketing initiatives possible. Through client engagement, research, strategic messaging, and unique-to-each-client design – essential components of our process – we were able to provide focus and inspire results.


However, what we learned was how beneficial our process was to improving corporate culture. In addition to efficient and effective marketing initiatives, we were providing the focus, inspiration and encouragement necessary for people to execute, assist, and appreciate one another while doing so. This ability is definitely in high demand as the newest members of the workforce are looking for deeper meaning in their careers and more powerful experiences in their purchases.


Time has changed my hair color and technology has changed the tools we use, but our work has never been about tools or hair color. Our work has always been and will always be about people.



On Peebles Creative Group’s 20th anniversary, I’d like to thank the people who entrusted us with projects, adopted us as members of their team, allowed us to share their mission, and recommended us to others – our clients. I’d like to thank the people who accepted our invitations and were open to being introduced to our client’s products and services – our clients’ customers. Finally, I’d like to thank the people who put their very best effort into the work we produced on our clients’ behalf – our team members and partners.


The last 20 years have been incredible – we’re thankful. Moving forward, we will continue to do what’s necessary to ensure today is better than yesterday; tomorrow better than today. At this time, there will be no promise of future photographic proof of change. Once was more than enough!