I recently took a trip to Chicago, to see Hamilton. Yes, I am squealing with excitement just thinking back on it, and yes, I sang along to every word (probably much to the dismay of everyone around me).


While I went for the musical, I couldn’t help but be impressed with the amount of environmental graphics I found myself surrounded by in the City.


The outside of the Private Bank Theatre was transformed into a billboard for the hip-hop musical.


Even the walls of the Willis Tower were covered in timeline infographics as you made your way up to the aptly named, Sky Deck.



This advertising technique was interesting to me, and prompted me to do some research into why businesses and organizations around the world have seemingly found increasing value in environmental graphic design (EGD).


EGD is defined as a medium of design that embraces graphic, architectural, interior, landscape and industrial designs. When designing graphics for an environment, a brand must consider both the goal of communicating information clearly and quickly while also fully connecting the viewer to the desired experience. A truly great experiential design should inspire people passing by to snap an Instagram photo or explore further because of the visual interest and curiosity the space evokes.


In addition to using EGD for advertising, there are many companies using EGD to help make their buildings or attractions easier to navigate. Wayfinding is at the very core of any visitor experience. You may not give a second thought to the wayfinding signs or maps you see in everyday life, but they have been specifically designed to make your experience easier and more pleasant. Visitors notice when they aren’t there, and are less likely to have a positive experience when wayfinding is absent, or poorly executed.


Another way businesses use EGD is to apply graphic branding to a lobby office or common space. This first impression can make a huge impact to visitors and partners, alike. What better way to communicate the essence of your business than having your customers step inside?


If you are looking for environmental design for outdoor, office space, visitor center or wayfinding, let us know – we can help!