Christmastime is near, and with its arrival, comes shopping, decorating, wrapping, baking and yes, that little red elf. The one some (most) parents dread the arrival of, knowing the next 20ish nights will be filled with jumping out of bed in half-asleep panic—to “assist” him into mischievous situations. No wonder he has that smug little grin… anyhooooo…..


Don’t fear, PCG’s creative team is here to save your sanity. First, set a “Move the #$@%&! elf alarm” on your phone to go off every night, then take a gander at our favorite/easiest Elf on the Shelf ideas for you to use!


You’re Welcome! (click here for a printable version of this list)

1. Have your elf write messages or draw on bananas with a sharpie

2. Let your tired elf take a nap in a box of tissues

3. Even elves want to build a snowman. He can use toilet paper rolls, markers and construction paper.

4. Stick your Elf in a stocking

5. Let your elf play with Legos

6. Hide your Elf in the tree and have your kids spot him.

7. Your elf got stuck under a cup. He will need a sign that says “Help!”

8. Wrap your elf in a towel and stick him in the fridge (Brrrr)

9. Let your elf make flour snow angels

10. Your elf likes to read to toys and stuffed animals gathered around him

11. Wrap your elf in Christmas lights

12. Have your elf make snowflakes out of Q-Tips

13. Looks like your elf tried to wrap some presents and wrapped himself

14. Let your elf put his own touch on a family portrait. Red puffs on everyone’s nose or fake mustaches should do the trick.

15. Make the elf part of the family with his very own portrait on the mantle

16. Let your elf relax in a marshmallow bubble bath (marshmallows in a CrockPot – but don’t turn it on)

17. Elves love to color. Give him some crayons and coloring book pages

18. Have your elf sit, surrounded with unwrapped candy and chocolate on her face

19. Let your elf be a dare devil. He can parachute from the ceiling using a coffee filter and string as the parachute

20. Would you look at that? The elf toilet papered the Christmas tree!

21. Let your sweet-toothed elf drink syrup with a straw out of the syrup container

22. Let the elf play a board game with other toys and dolls

23. Christmas movies are one of the elves favorite holiday traditions. Have the elf watching a movie on the couch with popcorn and a remote

24. And when in doubt, underwear… everywhere.


Reasons why the elf didn’t move (for when parents forget)


Elf is tired: Sometimes an elf gets very tired depending on what they did the night before. If your elf did not move, they could have been resting to gear up for something big another night.


Elf is sick: The elf is feeling under the weather. Leave him marshmallows or sweat treats to make him feel better


Elf ran out of magic: Sometimes we all need a boost. Have your child sprinkle “elf dust” (sprinkles) over him and he should be ready to move again that night.


And best excuse of all… Kid broke the cardinal law: DON’T TOUCH THE ELF.