With the recent time change and few days of nice weather, it’s finally starting to feel like spring in Ohio! After a long winter and a few snow-fueled meltdowns (okay maybe that was just me), I think everyone can agree the change in season is much needed.


While the start of the New Year is often the time businesses re-evaluate their social media presence, the start of spring is also a great opportunity to give your social media channels the refresh they need after hibernating during the winter. Here are our favorite simple tips for social media spring cleaning.


1. Update Photos

This may be one of the easiest ways to give your social media pages a facelift, yet it is one of the things most often neglected by businesses. Make sure your businesses’ profile picture is a clear, high-res photo, most likely your logo. Also, update your cover photo every few months to keep it fresh. The most important thing with profile and cover photos is to keep it consistent, make sure to use the same photos for each social media site. Even if your current photo isn’t winter/holiday-themed, it’s never a bad idea to change it up.


2. Analyze the Stats

Most social media sites offer statistics to see how your page is performing. Comb through the stats to see the types of posts, time of postings, etc. that performed highest on your page and plan to keep adding similar types of posts. This doesn’t mean you do the exact same post on the exact same day/time each week, rather it should be used as a compass to help guide your social media strategy.


3. Stay Local

While you’re looking at what content is getting the highest engagement on your page, consider giving your page a “local” refresh. Engaging with nearby businesses and promoting local events is a great way to not only gain followers, but also increase engagement. Your customers want relevant information, what could be more relevant than something going on right in their own backyards?


4. Content Calendar Refresh

What may have seemed like an amazing content calendar a few months ago, may not be quite as relevant now. While it’s helpful to build out a monthly or even yearly social media calendar, go through to make sure the posts are still relevant and timely. A content calendar is only as good as the page it’s on, so don’t be afraid to make edits and updates – nothing is set in stone!


5. Business Description Update

If you wrote your original business description right when you got your business started on social media, there’s a chance some parts may be out of date by now. Go through the description to make sure it accurately represents your business. While you’re updating your description, make sure you include keywords to describe your business and services as this will help with SEO purposes as well.


These are just a few simple tips for giving your social media a spring cleaning facelift. Ultimately, the most important thing is to be active and engaged with your followers. Don’t be afraid to try new things and change up your routine!