Let me take you back a few (maybe more than a few, but who’s counting) years to my days at art school. Columbus College of Art & Design to be specific. After working endless hours on a project, the most nerve-wracking part was the day you had to put it up to get critiqued. On critique days, 30+ students stared at the work in silence waiting for the bashing to commence.

I was not the best designer in my class, so those days filled me with anxiety. Would my hard work be good enough? Would the professor use my work as an example of what not to do? Would the piece have to be flipped over because it wasn’t worth wasting any words on it? Or even worse, would my project be tossed on the floor?

Those days at CCAD were tough, but the amount I learned from creative critiques ultimately made me a strong and thoughtful designer.

At Peebles Creative Group, we have a creative critique on nearly every project. During our critiques, designers and account managers alike, come together to review the latest designs for our clients while giving honest and sometimes brutal feedback. These critiques not only elevate our work to be the best it can be, but are also a great learning experience for each team member involved. We critique, poke all the holes that can be poked and critique again until the end product meets the high standards we’ve set for the team. It doesn’t matter how small the project, we take interest in all of the work we create.

While the creative critiques can sometimes be tough, exceeding clients’ expectations is worth checking our pride at the door. Take a look at our portfolio by clicking here and know that collective creative thought went into every piece. Bring on the critiques again and again and again…