It’s that time of year – when ad professionals watch the Super Bowl just for the onslaught of creativity, all while drooling at the over-the-top “budgets” for the 30-second ad slots. While the Tom Brady show… err, uhhh, ummm… game and halftime “performance” lacked some excitement, a few of the advertisers stepped it up and totally delivered.  


Here are our team’s favorite ads:

  • Pepsi did a great job of taking one of the most common jokes about their brand, “Is Pepsi okay?” and reclaiming it as their own. This ad shows they are in on the joke and are not afraid to poke fun at themselves.


  • The Hyundai elevator commercial was hilarious and did a good job making a joke out of something almost everyone hates – car shopping. Then again, we pretty much like anything with Jason Bateman in it.


  • Continuing on the trend of funny commercials, we couldn’t help but laugh at the Dietz Nuts commercial and the M&M’s commercial. Some of our designers could relate to the M&M’s ad, especially after one too many snow days last week. Honorable mention goes to the Pringles commercial for giving Siri some personality and the HBO/Bud Light crossover commercial for pumping us up for the upcoming Game of Thrones premiere!


  • The Super Bowl wouldn’t be complete without a few tearjerkers and that’s just what Google delivered with their translation ad. It was a touching message during a time of political divide. Another one of our favorite heartfelt commercials was the series from Verizon giving credit to first responders. The company made its ad more about people and that’s good in our book.


Here’s hoping next year’s game is a little more exciting and has a little less weird outfit changes during the halftime show. Congratulations to the Patriots fans – we get it, you have a pretty talented team, you can stop bragging now. Until next year, football fans!