Give life to your work. 

This phrase embodies what Equip Enterprises is all about. As a ministry of Central Ohio Youth for Christ, Equip Enterprises transforms the lives of youth across Columbus. At the new Equip Skills Center, students are taught valuable automotive skills to prepare them for a potential career. In these auto classes, students work on cars with dedicated volunteers while being encouraged to find hope in Christ and minister to their communities.

You might wonder where Equip Skills Center gets vehicles to teach students for classes – and the answer is you. Generous donors give their used vehicles to Equip Skills Center for students to fix up, and then the vehicles are sold by Equip Auto Sales to generate funds for the program. When you donate to Equip Skills Center, you’re not just giving your car a second life, you’re giving kids a second chance. 

Peebles Creative Group has worked with Equip Skills Center to enhance their branding, including giving it a new name (formerly HireLevel Auto) and logo, creating a new website, designing an impactful entrance, and developing a new marketing strategy and campaign.

Max Nelson, the manager of Equip Auto Sales shares, “Not only have I received compliments on the branding, but it’s also been very effective. We depend on car donations to keep going. During a moment when donations were drying up, as soon as the marketing strategy went live, donations started pouring in again.”

“Working with Peebles Creative Group was great. Something that came across really clearly was their genuine care and concern; it was almost as if Doug and the team were a part of our team. They helped clarify what we’re about and how to convey that effectively,” remarks Luke Walker, CEO of Luke’s Automotive and consulting Director of Equip Skills Center.

“It has been gratifying working with Doug and his team. We serve youth through many uniquely branded projects. We had reached an impasse with a social enterprise embedded with a youth training program in multiple locations with three unique brands. I knew we needed to clarify and simplify. Doug took the time to understand us and to clarify our culture, our needs and our goals. Then he coached us through the execution of a remarkable solution. More youth will be served because of Peebles Creative Group. I am grateful for them.” adds Scott Arnold, Executive Direct of Central Ohio Youth For Christ.

Doug Peebles comments, “We’re fortunate to have many projects that could be categorized as a labor of love. Sometimes it’s the mission that makes it so. Often it’s the people we get to work with. Other times it’s the impact. With Equip Skills Center, it’s all of the above. I’m thankful for the ability to help and proud of the real difference Central Ohio Youth for Christ makes through its ministries and social enterprises.” 


Equip Skills Center needs your help now more than ever with donated cars. Your tax-deductible donation will not only become a hands-on opportunity for our students to learn auto repair, but also an opportunity for a buyer to purchase a reliable car at an affordable price.


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