At Peebles Creative Group, we go beyond the typical agency relationship to form true partnerships with our clients.

We become a member of your team, providing the strategic insight, creative inspiration, and practical support you need to achieve your goals. And when it comes to relationships, we’re in it for the long haul. We want to earn your business—and respect—by giving you more value, better service, and bigger ideas.

What helps keep our game strong is our unwavering commitment to three fundamental principles—seek answers, speak truthfully, and be boldly innovative.


Clients come to us with complex challenges, and we simplify them. That’s really what we do. We present them with insights that are actionable and help to move them toward a successful solution. When we provide recommendations, we do it with a confidence—not ego—that comes from experience, understanding, hard work and due diligence. Our uncompromising values and won’t-quit work ethic wouldn’t allow for anything else.


The truth is way more powerful and convincing than any fabricated advertising slogan. So we concentrate on communicating the value that our clients and their products bring to consumers’ lives with messages that are understandable, compelling, ethical and above all—honest.


We challenge conventional wisdom with a fierce mix of strategic thinking and creative ingenuity. We help our clients evolve from their existing market position and propel them toward their loftiest goals. We challenge our clients to declare the future rather than predict it. To take a stand and make bold commitments—to themselves and their customers. And when they do take that stand, we promise to be their vital resource for thought leadership and creative ingenuity. Every step of the way.

By upholding these fundamental principles, we are able to provide clarity to market challenges and new market opportunities, focus on the issues that matter most, and generate momentum toward growing our client’s brand.


Peebles Creative Group Leadership

Doug Peebles
Tina Guegold
Chrissy Payne
Curt Besser
25-About Us2

Twenty-five years ago, I went to work at a company that had my name on the door: Peebles Creative Group. It was my first day leading a creative agency that I was determined would be like no other. I’ll admit, I’m pretty competitive by nature – I love to win. But I also believe there’s only one way life should be lived. And that’s with honesty, integrity and an always-do-the-right-thing attitude. It makes the victory all the sweeter. For us and our clients.

Here I am – here we are – 25 years later. We still play to win, we still play fair, and we still honor and respect the game. I’ve been blessed to be able to do good work with good people and good organizations, while supporting some incredibly worthy causes along the way. The highs have been higher than I ever dared dream and the lows (and there has been some) have been overcome through faith and perseverance.

Proud to have my name on the door,


Great partnerships begin simply—with a goal to reach and a first conversation.