The statistics are eye-catching. Most business leaders know that a good website is important, but the truth is, it is absolutely vital. According to Adobe, 38% of people will quit engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive. Further, 88% of consumers are now engaging with content across multiple screens, increasing the importance of mobile-optimized websites.


As an agency that designs and develops a variety of websites each year, we know a good website when we see one. In talking to members of our team, you gain years of insight and experience. For this blog, we talked websites with our creative and accounts teams to share some of their perspective. Angela is an Art Director, Libby is a Project Manager, Chrissy is our Creative Director and Laura is our Vice President.


On the most important considerations for designing & developing new websites…


Angela – The most important consideration for me when designing a website is how easy I can make it to use. Good user interface design is what will keep people coming back to the site. I can’t tell you how many websites I don’t visit anymore because of how clunky or hard to use they are.


On the divide between outdated and aesthetically modern websites…


Angela – When a website is not responsive (mobile-friendly), that’s the first thing that makes it seem dated. Websites that don’t stretch the width of the page are starting to feel dated also. Modern websites have little features that aren’t expected – things like custom scrolling methods or unique search functions.


Libby – Old content negates up-to-date content. It creates a sense of distrust for the user. It’s better to remove old content while you work to generate new content, rather than leave it as a placeholder while you work to replace it.


This is also true for design. If your content is up-to-date, but your design looks like it was last updated ten years ago, it can convey that you aren’t familiar with today’s market. Clean, visually appealing, graphic-rich websites create a great first impression. They tell the customer that you take pride in your appearance and value your customer’s needs and wants in today’s world.


On what users typically look for in a website’s UX…


Libby – How quickly am I able to get what I’m looking for, and is it predictable? On, for instance, the predictable prominence of the search bar at the top of the first page is key. Users are able to get what they need easily without having to look around and invest multiple clicks.


Universal Predictability is also key. Things like your contact information, hours of operation and similar items should be found on a “contact us” page and/or in the footer. Most people expect this information to be found in these places, and if it’s not there, users become frustrated.


On what makes the investment on a website worthwhile…


Laura – The number one reason is because it serves your customers. Visiting a business’ website is usually the first step in the sales process. In addition, websites build a brand’s image, allow you to engage with customers beyond traditional business hours, help you reach new target markets and can provide a competitive advantage.


On what makes our process at Peebles Creative Group so effective…


Laura – We don’t have a one-size fits all design and development solution. We have a thorough discovery process at the start of each website project that uncovers how customers will be using the site, unique must-have features and how the client wants to maintain it moving forward.


We offer custom design, copywriting, development, training and hosting… so that clients can choose a turnkey website buildout or we can work together, and they can choose what steps they most need our agency to complete and where we can create efficiencies. It goes back to us being a partner to deliver a scope of service that fits their needs and budget.


Chrissy – You get our whole team, not just the group of people assigned to your job – from strategy to design and development. All hands on deck, ready to make your website the most functional and beautiful website possible. And, because web design/development isn’t our only service, we are able to apply knowledge from our vast experiences in different industries and service offerings.


Are you frequently assessing the state of your website and it’s suitability for your customers? You’re not alone. Please get in touch & keep the conversation going!


– PCG Team