This Combo’s Going Nowhere Fast


It happened. It finally happened. I finally heard my Mother utter the words, “Oh we didn’t bother with maps, we just used the phone.” Finally! Mom decided to take a few minutes to learn something new (the operation of her scary new “smart” phone) and made her travel life so much easier.


No doubt there is romance tied to the use of paper maps. They’ve been around since the mid-16th century, marking X’s, showing the way, and documenting discoveries. They can still be a handy back-up when your phone dies. However, when it comes to travel in this era, coming into the year 2018, digital will undoubtedly continue to mark the spot.


According to research from Smart Insights, 60% of leisure and 41% of business travelers are making their travel arrangements via the internet. 95% of leisure travelers read at least seven online reviews before booking their trips, and “consumption of digital travel content is on the rise with a growth rates of 41% in the U.S.”


In fact, social media for example, is so important that Millennials are basing their travel decisions on how “cool” their photos will look in their posts.


This all means one thing, as Destination Marketing Organizations, you need to put your money were the digital is, and we at PCG can advise you to the best solution for attracting your desired audience. With our expertise in working in the tourism industry, with partners like Destination Grandview, Miami County CVB, COSI, Arena District and the Dublin CVB, we know how to combine marketing strategies with compelling creative to best highlight a destination’s unique proposition.


Spending on great photography, content, social media advertising and paid search are just a few of the digital advertising musts that should be in your 2018 marketing plan. If you’re ready to make sure your marketing plan includes a top-notch digital ad strategy, we’re here to help. If Mom’s on board, it’s time you jump on, too.