If you’re an Eagles fan, you’re probably having a great Monday, and if you’re a Patriots fan, you’re probably still doing okay — you have enough Super Bowl wins under your belt. If like most of the country your team wasn’t good enough to make it to the Super Bowl this year, we can all agree the million dollar commercials are reason enough to watch the big game.


At Peebles Creative Group, we put together a list of our favorite commercials from this year’s Super Bowl. If you weren’t able to watch the game, we’ve got you covered with some of the can’t-miss ads!




I’d like to start with my honorable mentions. As a self-professed “super-nerd” I was stoked for the SOLO trailer, West World season 2 reveal and the new Cloverfield Paradox coming to Netflix.

Ok, geeky stuff aside my favorite ad (or ads) were the multiple Tide ads that popped up throughout the night. It was almost a game in itself trying to guess which ones were tide ads before it was revealed. Having David Harbour (aka hopper from Stranger Things) as their spokesman helped too!







Laura and Curt:


Like Angela, we also enjoyed the Tide commercials – they were clever, funny and made you think about Tide even after the commercials were over.


The Tide ads were the big winner among the group this year!



My favorite commercial from this year was for Tourism Australia. Growing up, Crocodile Dundee was one of my all-time favorite movies. I was actually excited for the prospect of this movie and I totally fell for it, I might be a little sad. I love Danny McBride… and Chris Hemsworth isn’t so bad either. Loved the twist on the typical tourism spot. That’s not a movie spot, THIS is a tourism spot!





While I’m normally a sucker for emotional ads (see Toyota Good Odds commercial), this year the funny ads resonated with me. My favorite out of all the comedy ads was the Michelob Ultra ad with Chris Pratt. The ad follows Chris as he assumes he’s the lead in the Michelob Ultra Super Bowl commercial only to find out that he was cast as an extra. The best part about this ad series was the second ad showing him doing all of the typical “extra” roles in the commercial. I was actually laughing out loud at the commercial and that’s why it gets my vote!






Doritos has done a great job of co-branding in the past, so it’s no surprise the Doritos and Mountain Dew commercial was a huge success. The brand stuck with a formula that has worked for them in the past, kept their brand voice and used unexpected actors to make it one of their funniest commercials yet.