Every year around this time, I get a little giddy. It’s not due to the holiday season. Nope. Brace yourself…it’s that special time of year when Pantone announces the COLOR OF THE YEAR! And guess what? It doesn’t suck this year!

This year’s color is Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral!

Living Coral is warmer than pink and not as intense as red. It really pops on a teal or blue background and is the perfect accent color. Pantone is calling it an optimistic color and I couldn’t agree more. Being from Ohio, having an optimistic color to contrast a Pantone Cool Gray 7 sky of winter is extremely refreshing! Doesn’t everyone talk in Pantone?

This color has a very special place in my heart. For my first child’s nursery, I needed a color that went well with a soft teal blue. I was waddling (nearly 7 months pregnant) in Target one day when a bright coral pillow caught my attention. I was immediately drawn in by its soft yet joyful tone and knew at that moment that coral was the accent color I was looking for to complete the nursery.

I can’t say the coral accented nursery helped me out at all with the newness of parenting. I did what any other new parent does, fumble your way through it and hope that you don’t screw the kid up. One thing I can say is walking into that nursery with such a nurturing color like coral, really put me in a better mindset even with late night feedings!

I’m really excited to incorporate this color in my designs this year. I can see it on some blog posts welcoming spring. Maybe as an accent to some of our clients’ brand colors for a brighter annual report. Ooooh! What about the annual No Show Mother’s Day Gala put on by the Homeless Families Foundation? It would be a great and refreshing alternative to pink. It’s feminine, yet bold and strong. Plus, it would give a playful vibe to an already spirited non-event. One thing’s for sure, you can expect to see this color incorporated in some of our designs throughout the year.

Cheers to you Pantone for choosing a color that gives us all the good feels!